Is there anything more disheartening than failing at what you love to do as a Lakeland videographer? You’ve done the work. You’ve enrolled in a videography class. You were an intern for a skilled videographer.

You worked for a videography company for many years. And yet, you cannot get clients for your freelance videography services. Moreover, it seems that the few clients you have were not impressed by your skills.

So, what are you gonna do now? Do you accept this failure and move on to another career that you do not like to do? Do you turn videography into a hobby instead of an income-generating occupation? Do you let go of a dream you have since you were a kid? Did you forget about all the ideas that you have and were not able to implement?

Take a Deep Long Look at the Projects You Have Done

There’s a reason why your clients were not impressed by your work. Take a long look at what you have done with your past projects. Are there any elements that you forgot?

Are there aspects of the video that does not sit well with you right now? Have another one look at it. Make sure that this person has an unbiased view of the video. You will learn a lot from a third person‘s perspective.

When you heard your clients’ comments about the video the first time, you might have gotten hurt because you thought you did okay. But now that the time has passed, is the perfect time to listen to another person’s unbiased comments.

Seek More Learning

Do not be afraid to seek more knowledge about the skills you want to hone. There are many crash courses offered by university and city colleges that will further your knowledge about videography and help you grow as a Lakeland videographer. If you don’t have time to attend an actual class in school, you can enroll in a distance-learning program that you can take over the internet.

Under this program, you just receive modules about the lessons, and you will submit your assignment and worksheets via the internet also.

With the distance-learning program, you can take courses from the top and prestigious universities around the world. It’s cheaper compared to enrolling in an actual university or college.

Start Believing In Yourself More

Stop comparing yourself to others. The reason most people fail at what they love to do is that they keep on looking over their shoulder or those ahead of them.

You’re on your own timeline. You do the work you do with the knowledge and talent that have been gifted to you. Start believing in yourself that you can do what you set out to do. Stop looking at what others have accomplished and focus on your goals.