Starting a small business online takes a lot of guts. With so much competition in the industry, how do you stand out? How can your little business go from a virtual unknown to a household name? You can look into using a Lakeland video production for your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Instead of posting photos of the items or services you sell, a video will show how potential clients can use the items or why they need to subscribe to your services.

Videos Make Customers Want To Engage More

People spend more time watching videos than they do reading blog posts. As a result, they are more likely to leave comments on a video than on an article they read online.

When people comment on videos, others will read it and can respond to it. It is a cycle that creates and encourages more engagement. As long as your videos are good enough to attract customers, you have a better chance of commanding a reaction from your target market.

Since there is a larger portion of the market that gets involved in interacting with other commenters on a video, you have a better chance of spreading the word about your business, raising brand awareness, and increasing your business’ visibility in the market.

Videos Are More Attractive

When a website has a video on its homepage, it will automatically get more views and lower bounce rate than websites without a video. When a blog post has an embedded YouTube video, more people will stay on it to read the content.

When a social media post has a video, users are more likely to stop scrolling on their screen to catch a few seconds and minutes of the video. It is natural for people to want to watch videos since they command attention. You cannot help but allow videos to hook you during the first few seconds.

Those few seconds are exactly what you need to grab the customers’ attention. If you can create a compelling video, you only need a few seconds to convince the customers to stay and watch through the whole thing.

Videos Have More Powerful Messengers

Videos are unlike a blog post or a photo where a potential customer will need to use his imagination to understand what the text or image is trying to convey. Videos are powerful because they bring the story to the table.

There is no need to imagine anyone or anything because the Lakeland video production is literally showing the message to you. This is as literal as a marketing message can get.