Last night, my cousin made a Lakeland video production resume for her application to a hotel in Maine. We thought it was going to be easy for her to do that since she has been cooking for quite some time now, having finished a culinary course a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. It took us almost five hours to finish shooting, not to mention the hours she’s going to spend today to edit it and make it YouTube ready.

It was then that we realized we should have tapped a professional video production company to help her create the perfect video resume. She was making Salmon and Crab Napoleon and Coconut Mango Panna Cotta for desserts. We’re afraid we couldn’t do justice to what she has done last night.

A video resume is important to showcase your skills in the kitchen. It is even more important when you are applying to become a sous chef because you have to show the hiring managers what you’re capable of—your knife skills, your technique, your influences, etc. How would they know you are right for the job when all they have is a piece of paper telling them what you have accomplished so far?

They have to see it on video, so that’s why it’s important that your video resume is as clear and as concise as possible. That’s why your video resume must highlight your strengths and maybe even hide your weaknesses. That is why you should not assume it’s easy to do and that you can finish it in one day. Uh-oh, that’s the biggest mistake you could do.

Hire a professional video company

A video production company would know exactly what needs to be done. If you said you have to showcase your knife skills, the cameraman would know where to focus the camera and what angle should be taken. When you want to show the dish you’re creating, they would find a way to incorporate that into the video all the while highlighting the techniques you have executed.

It is even more important to hire a Lakeland video production company once you’re in the editing process. There’s nothing harder than editing videos after videos and inserting voice overs and sound effects in it. You have to be really adept at using the editing software to make a flawless video, and that is always hard when you’re barely managing to operate an Excel file.