When owning a business, we need to accept the fact that there are projects that we just need to pass on to another company. This is especially true if you have limited resources in terms of equipment and facilities. A Lakeland video production company, for example, would always get the attention of businesses in the area.

Start-up businesses would probably like for you to create a simple advertising video for them. A large company, however, may tap your services for a major project—a commercial that would introduce a new product or a new endorser. If you have no prior experience to videos with a national audience, you should disclose this to your client. Of course, it’s never wrong to try your hand at something new, but the client should be the one to give you that trust. You should never lie to get your hands on a major contract.


The first thing you need to consider is whether or not you have the equipment for it. If the video requires high-quality cameras, lights, and sound equipment, you need to let your potential client know what you have for the meantime. You can think about investing on a better equipment, but that should all fall within your budget. Never go above it.


Some clients need an end-to-end video production service. This means that you will provide the concept, the script, the facilities, the actors, and the editing. If the client doesn’t want to provide the venue for the shoot, where would you film your video? The client may expect you to provide the facilities for everything. Make sure that the venue rental is included in the contract price.


Are you providing the concept and the dialogue? That’s well and good. Do you have a group of in-house writers? Do you plan to outsource this particular aspect of the project? Always be transparent to your client. If you are hiring a different group for the script, then tell them the qualifications of the writers.

Editing equipment

Depending on the magnitude of the project, each video has a different editing requirement. Some can be edited using basic equipment while others may need animation and graphics. If that’s the case, you may have to invest in more video editing equipment.


Are you going to be paid for the distribution of the Lakeland video production? If you have accepted the client’s proposal, then you need to draft a plan on where, when, and how you will advertise the video. Make sure that the client understands why you chose the date, venue, and methods.