When shooting aerial photography, you might think that location wouldn’t have to be a problem. After all, the beauty of aerial photography is the unique perspective that it offers. And in photography in general, that perspective is what really makes a photo stand out. However, it does help to find a good photography location.

You wouldn’t want to waste any time flying around and hoping that you’ll stumble into a good location, would you? You’ll waste your drone’s battery life, and the lighting as well. Plan out your shoots by scouting out a good location beforehand. Here is how to do exactly that.

Make use of online tools

There are plenty of online tools available that can help you see what locations are great for aerial photography. Even a tool as simple as Google Earth can help you find amazing locations to shoot in.

You can zoom in on locations that you’re interested in, and check out the local terrain to see if it’ll be a good place to fly your drone in using the Street View option.

However, this isn’t the online tool available. Do some research online to see which apps and tools are available to help you find good shooting locations.

Ask around

If you’re a bit wary about using online tools to scout for the perfect location, you can always ask the local photographer’s community for any good aerial photography locations.

After all, it’s better to get a recommendation from somebody who’s seen in in person, and you can always ask them about their experiences during the shoot. They can also provide you with any tips and tricks to get the best shots in that particular location.

Always have a backup plan

Even if you’ve found a great location to shoot your aerial photography in, make sure that you always have a backup option on hand. You might be very prepared for the shoot, but something unexpected might come up, and you need a second option as soon as possible. Try to have multiple possible locations to shoot in case this ever happens.

Consider the crowd

Of course, as much as possible, you want to shoot your aerial photography in a location that isn’t full of people. Make sure you consider the local laws before planning your shoot.

You can’t fly in locations that are close to airports, and make sure that you fly in an open area. This helps prevent you from accidentally getting your drone in somebody’s way.