When you hold events, especially ones where you want to capture as many moments as possible, the tendency here is that you want to hire both a photography and videography team. After all, both mediums are great ways of capturing the moments that matter on film.

Now you might have contacted different photography and videography firms, and found that the videography package offered by one business is less costly than the other, while the photography package from one business covers more ground compared to the one from the other business.

Objectively speaking, it seems like the logical conclusion would be to hire different companies for both photography and videography to get the most out of your money. However, this might not be the way to go. Here are some points that you should take into consideration that explain why it’s a better option to go with a photography and videography team that come from the same company instead of hiring two different teams from different companies.

The two teams know how to work around each other

When two teams have worked with each other before, especially two teams that handle different forms of media, it’s much easier for them to work around the other to give them the room that they need to get the shots that they need.

Teams that haven’t worked with each other may get in the way of the other, which can make it difficult to get a good final product. They know what angles they’ll need to take a good shot, so the other team knows how to stay out of the others’ way when needed.

The communication between the two teams is better

Similar to being able to work around each other, teams that come from the same company simply communicate better with each other. They can even help each other get great shots by giving them a hand with certain scenes. Also, because they come from the same company, the style of the photos and the video will remain consistent, which is what you’re looking for with event documentation.

There’s less paperwork

Honestly, it takes less work to book teams from the same business since you can talk to both teams at the same time without having to go back and forth between the two. All you need is to sign one set of contracts, pay one deposit, and communicate with one company, which is definitely easier to coordinate.

You typically get discounts when you hire a package deal

One of the best reasons why hiring a photography and videography team from the same company is a great idea is because most companies offer this already as a package deal, and often at a great discount. In addition to the convenience and great quality, you get a great deal too!