The corporate video has really evolved over the past few years. The older company videos you used to see were usually comprised of someone, usually a high-ranking person from upper management, or the CEO themselves, talking about how great the company is, and what they’ve accomplished over the years that they’ve been in business. Informative, but hardly riveting material.

Since plenty of companies followed the same format for their own company videos, the reputation of the company video really went downhill for a while after that. Companies chose not to have company videos made as it tended to send the wrong kind of message to their audiences, and they did not want to have that kind of association with their companies.

With the rise in popularity of video content and the push for more creative industries in the professional world, the corporate video is making a definite comeback, with video production companies putting a fresh take on these videos.

As company videos become more and more creative, people are finding that there are alternate uses to their corporate videos. Here are some different ways that you can use a company video.


More and more companies are making use of their company videos to recruit new talent into their companies. This is a very effective tool in doing so because a well-done company video can do a lot to catch the attention of potential new employees.

The key to a successful recruitment video is by showing potential hires the perks of working with your company, and what they can gain professionally and personally by working with your company.

Recruitment videos are very popular nowadays because they’re a good way of showing potential hires a glimpse of what it would be like to work with your company before they decide to proceed with the application process.

PR management

Videos have the unique ability to engage a person without making the audience feel like it’s a chore to pay attention to a video. Videos are often used to tell stories in a fun and engaging manner, which is probably why they are a very popular tool used in public relations management.

If a company is involved in some sort of public issue or something of the like, then a lot of PR companies would recommend putting out a corporate video that showcases the company is a more positive light in order to minimize the public backlash.


Of course, a good corporate video can be used to showcase the company’s brand. Because video content is in such high demand in the world of digital marketing, more and more companies are putting out videos to showcase their brand on social media.