Now that you have decided to hold an audition for actors and actresses in your Lakeland video production, the next step is advertising this casting call in the proper venue. The advertisement placement depends on how large or small your audition is and the project itself.

So, the first thing to do, really, is to determine the scale of the project–how many actors do you need and if you need professional ones or amateurs will do?

Social media

Is it really a surprise that social media is the first priority for advertising casting calls? Facebook will play a crucial role in finding you the right people for the job. Simply compose an advertisement and post it in your company’s Facebook page and even your personal page. In time, this will be shared hundreds and maybe even thousands of times. This will surely reach people who want to try their hands acting in a commercial or a corporate marketing video.

Local websites

If there is a dedicated website that markets events and businesses in your city, then ask the website administrator if they also accept advertising materials for local businesses. They surely do. There might be a fee (or it might be free), but the important thing is that this will fall on the lap of the right people for the job. Most aspiring actors check out local listings to see if someone needs the professional service of an actor or if there is an open audition for a play, a musical, or even a marketing video.


Of course, nothing beats the good old newspapers. People still read the Sunday newspaper to update themselves on what’s happening in politics, economics, etc. They can also chance upon the classified section, where you can have your advertisement published. Simply compose an ad that highlights what and who you are looking for: the age group, the looks, the role, etc. Put the venue of the audition, the time, and the contact number on the ad. Upon it being posted in the website, trust several phone calls to come your way.

Community boards

This is particularly helpful if you are looking for actors in the local neighborhood and if your business is a local tradition. This means people will actually want to help you. Aspiring actors and even non-aspiring actors usually check out the community boards to know what’s up in the neighborhood. Post your ads there, so people can actually see them. Those who want to audition for your Lakeland video production can easily do so.