In today’s media-centric world, everything has to be in either a newspaper clipping or a Lakeland video production or a Facebook post to be remotely relevant or believable. This is the reason why clients are often looking for testimonies. They want to make sure that you are good enough that previous customers decided to share their impressions and their experiences with others.

It helps if your company has a testimonial video because this will allow customers to have a sense of what you’re offering and why it is important for them to buy and subscribe to it. It shows that you have a history of providing what you promised in your marketing materials. Testimonials make people want to try out your products themselves.

But how do you ask for testimonials from previous clients? How do you pinpoint which people to ask for testimonials? How do you make sure they’ll say “yes” and they’ll give glowing reviews of your products?

First, make sure that you have satisfied their requirements from the products they purchased from your company. These are the factors that signify you’re getting a glowing review: you have solved your client’s problem, they achieved success through your products/services, they told you they were happy with your service, they thanked you for the service, and you delivered your products successfully.

If you think you have fulfilled all of these things, there’s a mighty good reason for your previous clients to give you a positive review. By then, you can ask the clients to give their testimonials through a video production.

You can do this in two ways: one, you can ask for them to give you a review once they buy the product: and two, you can keep in touch with them and ask if you can later ask for what they think of the products or service you have rendered.

Formally ask them for the right to air their testimonials to the public. You should tell them where they would most likely see the Lakeland video production and what purpose will it serve. It’s their right to know just how you plan to use their testimonies. Since it’s merely for marketing, your clients will most likely not mind giving positive reviews, especially if your business deserves it.

The final thing is to schedule when their videos will be taken. Make sure to be flexible when it comes to their schedule as you are asking for help and a favor. You may give them a discount coupon card for the next time they buy something from your store.