Once you have decided to create a marketing Lakeland video production for your company, the next step is to determine which one you need—a short, teaser-like one or one that’s a little on the lengthy side?

Short videos are naturally more popular than longer ones. After all, if you can bottle all your messages and information in a three-minute video, then why not, right? You’ll usually see this kind of video on social media platforms, where they now thrive. In fact, Facebook has made it automatic to play these videos, making sure that users won’t escape from advertisements, user uploads, etc.

There is basically no problem with using short videos as marketing strategy except for the fact that it will lack the depth that a lengthy video can promise. If your business is something not well-known and you are just starting in the industry, you may find it more advantageous if you can explain yourself in detail and show off the products and services that you offer.

However, short videos are cheaper and easier to create. This is the go-to marketing ploy of many businesses because anyone can basically do them and even big video production companies are focusing their expertise on creating short video productions.

On the other hand, lengthy videos, at least 20 minutes in length, will give you more space to explain who your company is and what you are offering. If you are selling something that needed to be showed off such as a new bladeless electric fan, for example, a lengthy video can be your choice of marketing video.

Through this video, you can explain to your target market how the appliance works and why they should purchase one. You will have a better time selling the benefits to them and convincing them that this might be something they need for their homes or even their offices. Although short videos are way more popular than lengthy ones, these longer ones allow you to communicate better with your potential customers.

Also, lengthy videos will give you better analytics—when people check them out and managed to finish through it, this confirms that the marketing ploy is working and that prospective customers are interested in your company.

Whenever you’re thinking about using Lakeland video production for your business’ promotion, make sure to weight the pros and cons of a short or a lengthy video. They each have their advantages, though drawbacks cannot be helped, too. Define what you want to achieve from the video and work from there.