We have seen in recent years a surge in the growth of drone photography, either as a business or as a hobby. Nowadays, you cannot take a peep on Facebook and not find a video or a still photo that has been captured using a camera attached to a drone.

It has become so ubiquitous that it became normal for us to want to own a drone or to expect our friends to have one when we need to borrow it.

Not so long ago, drones are used for military surveillance and monitoring of real estate properties. They were also used mainly for cartography, for drawing out maps and making sure that the streets, roads, and main thoroughfares are properly labeled on printed and digital maps.

But gone are those days when drones are industrial equipment. These are now as ubiquitous as a camera in every household. Drones have become a kind of a hobby for photography enthusiasts and they have invested enough harnessing the skills they need that some of them turned these into a profitable business venture.

Low cost of drones

The number one reason why drones have become popular in recent years is because of the low cost of drones these days. Back then, a drone would cost thousands of dollars and there is barely any option for low-cost drones.

But because probably of social media and the interest of many people to dabble in photography, drone manufacturers produced ready-to-fly remote-controlled drones that ordinary people can afford.

These cheap drones are being used by newbie photographers to enhance their skills and improve their talent around the camera.

People’s preference for travel

In recent years, people have begun turning to travel as a way to destress from the pressure of work and everyday life.

They travel to different places almost every chance they get and thanks again to social media, it has become imperative for travelers to document their memories through photos and videos. And what better way to capture beautiful memories than by flying drones and shooting drone photography over the different landscapes they visit.

The drones have the ability to show the magnanimity of the landscapes and the environment. Travelers take great pleasure in showcasing these photos and videos on their social media.

Information is readily available

Nowadays, if you want to learn how to take stunning photos and gorgeous portraits, all you have to do is watch a five-minute tutorial video on YouTube. You’ll get all the deets in under a minute or so.

Photographers and videographers have become so generous with their time and their knowledge that they often produce video blogs and written content about the different methods of taking photos and videos.

They share this knowledge with anyone who has access to the internet and that’s why more and more people are now equipped with the basic skills to start a drone photography hobby.