It seems eons ago when we use a trusty disposable Kodak camera to capture important moments in our lives. We wait for weeks before the film is developed and we can see those smiles behind the grainy photos. Those days are long gone now. We don’t only have cameras in our smartphones, we also have access to DSLRs, compact mirrorless cameras, and drones that enable us to take aerial photography.

But if you want professional-looking images, you cannot simply DIY your aerial photos. You need someone who has vast experience taking images using a drone. You need an expert. So, where do you find these aerial photo experts? Not in the Yellow Pages like we used to do it during our time.

That information is not in your Rolodex or your contact list (do we even save numbers now or we simply Google everything?). It’s right smack on your social media apps. The information you need, whatever it is, is just there on your app.

Aerial photographers are marketing themselves not through traditional media but through social media. They are publishing photos on their social media feeds, asking friends and acquaintances to share their photos in the hopes that they will reach their target audience—you. If you need help creating stunning aerial photos, you need to only open your Facebook and Instagram app and find that photographer you have been itching to hire.

Whatever questions you need to ask him regarding his services are all on his Facebook or Instagram page, we bet. Want to ask how much it costs to hire him? Flip through the many photo albums or his IG story highlights and you’re bound to find the information you are looking for. If you don’t have time to scan every bit of information he published about himself, simply message him directly and he’ll surely send you the quotations in no time.

The best thing about searching for your photographer through social media is the number of photos you can browse while waiting for him to answer your queries. There’s really no need to visit his office or his workplace to see his portfolio.

Most photographers publish their photos on social media or on their websites. From there, you can decide whether this is the right photographer for you or not. Seeing his works will make the decision easier for you. You then don’t have to waste time anymore choosing the right one for the job once you have seen their portfolios.