It is no secret that as a Lakeland videographer, as straightforward as the job seems, the reality is anything but. There are so many moving parts to a single video production that it is almost impossible to keep track of everything that’s going on to help make sure that the production is an absolute success.

One of the ways to help keep track of the overall story during the filming process is by making use of an outline. To help you out with this, here are some tips for you as a Lakeland videographer, to outline your next video production.

Set it up

The very first step in the outlining process is setting up the story. Always remember that you cannot have a coherent story if you don’t have a solid foundation in place. Make sure that you have your characters, setting, and story in place before you move forward with the rest of your video and story. No matter how out there your ideas are, make sure that you have all of the basic pieces in place before you begin working on the rest of the story.


Of course, any good story needs conflict for the main characters to deal with. No matter what your video is, whether it’s a full-length video with a full story or a short 30-second clip. No matter the length of the video, there will always be a conflict, no matter how minor or major. Otherwise, you don’t have a proper story going on in your video. Make sure that you plan this out when you start putting your video’s outline together.


Finally, you have to make sure that you plan out the resolution of your story. You cannot introduce conflict in the story without providing a proper resolution for your characters. Again, no matter how big or how small the conflict in your story is, you always have to make sure that there is a proper resolution, otherwise, your story will not have any closure.

So there you have it. Three basic tips for outlining your video’s story as a Lakeland videographer. It might seem very simplistic laid out like this, but you have to remember, no matter the scale and scope of your video project, these three basic elements will go a long way in making sure that you come up with a video that is memorable for your audience. As long as you apply these properly, your video will see success.