As you close your eyes, you can already see the shot pictured in your head for your next video: an overhead shot of a beach, showing the entire place from above. And since you’ve already found the perfect beach thanks to Google, all you need to do now is pack your bags, prepare your equipment, and head to the beach! But wait, how exactly does one travel with a drone? Of course, when it comes to filming Lakeland drone videography, it’s important to know how to use a drone.

However, another crucial thing to know is how to travel with one. While it may not exactly be the hardest thing to learn, you really should be able to figure all of this out. This way, you won’t experience any difficulties with your drone while you’re traveling.If you want to learn more about how to travel with a drone, read more below:

What’s in the bin?

If you’re planning to travel with your drone on a plane, you’ll have to go through security. And once you do that, it’s recommended for you to put the batteries in their separate bin. Chances are you will be questioned about it by the security. Of course, all you need to do is tell them they’re batteries for your drone. Once that’s done, you’ll be on your way.


Speaking of batteries, you must not forget to bring them for your drone! You should also make sure that your drone batteries should always be carried. This means you should place them in carry-on baggage and should not be checked with the drone. You should also make sure to secure the battery terminals, which can be done by covering them using tape.

Hardshell case or carry-on bag?

Drones are just like cameras in the sense that they have different sizes, and therefore, have various containers to put them in. So you might be wondering, which is the better container for your drone if you have to travel? Should you go with the bag, or just choose the case?

The answer is actually the hardshell case. Better safe than sorry, you see, because while carry-on bags do have padding in them, it’s still quite risky to place your drone in one as it may still be damaged on the way.

Being placed in the hardshell case, on the other hand, your drone is guaranteed to be safe from being possibly crushed by other bags or other equipment.

In case of emergency

Of course, you should not forget to bring the essentials in case something goes awry while you’re shooting Lakeland drone videography with your drone. This means bringing extra propellers, in case you’ve crashed your drone somewhere and damaged its propeller.

It would also really help you out if you’ll bring your repairing tools. Bringing along these tools will definitely assist you if you noticed some things from your drone (such as removing sand or debris) that you might want to fix yourself.