Aerial photography is probably the trendiest photography skill we have seen in the last decades. It adds depth and drama to an otherwise ordinary photo.

Couples are spending thousands of dollars for photographers to use their drones and their high-tech cameras to capture the beauty of the environment and the surroundings while they say their I dos’.

But what really does aerial photography adds to an otherwise ordinary image? What do couples see in aerial shots that they spend a big chunk of their wedding budget on it?

Showing the surroundings of the venue

If your wedding happens to be by the beach or on top of the cliff or in a particularly beautiful surrounding like the Swiss countryside, for example, you need to showcase that.

If it adds depth and drama to your whole wedding, then it is a part of the ceremony. But how can we show the beauty of an environment if we can only take photos of it from the ground?

Nothing beats aerial photography and seeing how beautiful the surroundings are while the couple is saying their I do’s. There is just something infinitely pure and grand and humbling about the whole experience.

Dramatically zooming in on the couple from above

When something monumental happens in our lives like weddings, we often realize how minuscule we are in the grand scheme of things; how insignificant we are compared to the grandeur of life.

That’s what these photographs and videos can show us—that even while we’re having the time of our lives marrying our partners or watching friends enter a new life together, there are many, many less or more beautiful things happening around us.

The dramatic photo of a couple looking upward to the sky is one of the cheesiest but most sought-after aerial photos.

Highlighting the bride’s march and her dress

Aerial photography can capture the bride’s march and her dress the way no other shot or angle can. Taking a photo or a video of the bride’s dress will not nearly be as dramatic from the ground than when done through a drone photography.

One of the most dramatic moments in every wedding is the one when the bride makes her march. An aerial shot will capture this moment perfectly, letting the couple see how the bride makes her entrance, the way the audience are looking at the bride, and the groom up front, waiting for his bride.