In a perfect world, we can all afford to hire Miranda Kerr to endorse our skin-care products or Selena Gomez to appear on our commercials. But alas, this isn’t a world like that and we’re left alone to find actors for our Lakeland video production. Hopefully, the ones we hire or ask to appear before a camera will do justice to the message we are trying to impart to our viewers.

If you have a small budget for the video production that will market your business, that’s no reason to fret. You can still find great talents who are willing to be paid with as little as money as you can for the chance of exposure. They know that you will do your best to advertise the video by sharing it to your existing social media network. For those looking to make it as a model or actor, doing shoots for a small fee is part of the sacrifice.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should abuse these aspiring actors and models. You cannot work on a super small budget because that means you’re going to short-sell not only the Lakeland video production but the rest of the cast as well. If you’re still a little short in the budget department, push this project to the sides for now and focus on bringing in profit so you can move on with the production.

Community Theater Groups

If you have a theater group in the community—even a small one—you can tap their actors to star in your video production. Open an audition for the role but make sure you’re very specific about the qualifications and characteristics of the actor that you need. This will help these theater actors evaluate whether they are right for the character or not.

Social Media Influencers

Are there any local YouTube stars in your area? If there are, tap these people and ask if they can endorse your Lakeland video production or better yet, star in the video. Consumers actually believe these social media influencers. Their purchase decisions are heavily impacted by the recommendations these influencers make on various social media channels.

College Students

College and university students are always trying to make ends meet. Who better needs some extra cash than college students? Post on their bulletin board about the audition and see who’ll try out. Just make sure you are willing to adjust to these students’ class schedules. They should not miss a class because they want to earn extra cash from your project.