Your customers know a lot of things about your products and services. They have asked about the features of the products and they have even tried the services. Should there be a need to attract them more through your corporate video? The answer is a clear and resounding yes.

Likeability and other positive emotions have a greater influence on the customers’ decision to stay and support a business. Rather than move on to another company that they think can deliver better products and services, they stay with yours because they “like” you.

When a customer becomes loyal to your brand, that means you somehow managed to foster a kind relationship with that customer. That is why when you notice people getting ready to know more about your brand and your company, it’s time to introduce them to the more human and personal side of your business.

The about us video on your website tells the story of how your business came to be and who is running the show now. It tells your clients who you are, what you do, and what you aim to do in the future. You must think along these lines when it comes to creating a corporate video that can personalize the experience of your clients.

The about us video will give you the opportunity to reach out to your clients and connect to them on a personal level. It gives you the freedom to communicate your message without resorting to still photos or awkward looking animations that do not suit the more “formal” standards of an about us video. As long as it is done right, an about us video is the perfect way to capture the spirit of your team and it makes it easier for clients to relate to you.

Humanizing your brand

Think about your most favorite brands in your pantry. Do you know anything at all about these companies? What organizations are they helping? What are they passionate about?

What kind of work environment do they have inside the office? An about us video should put faces on your brand. Show the people who work behind the scenes and your clients will be more emphatic in the future.

The videos should also involve genuine emotions. Do not be afraid to be over-the-top with showing what you are passionate about and what you are working on. Your clients would love to see the many things your company does to reach out to the community.