If you’re a business owner and wants to attract customers to support your products and services, you have got to check out the benefits of having testimonial videos posted on your website and other social media accounts. When used properly, this kind of Lakeland video production can create a level of success for your business.

Still not sure how to maximize the benefits of testimonial videos? Here are five ways to take advantage of these videos:

Get more exposure

Visibility in social media is the name of the game these days. Your potential customers have to know you actually exist. Do you know that a site’s search engine results is better when it has video clips posted? Testimonial videos draw attention, and they can also be viral on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It makes it easier for your target market to find your business, access the website, and decide to purchase products and services.

Acts as FAQ

A testimonial video allows the potential customer to get a feel of what it’s like to use your product or service. It’s a visual and audio FAQ that reassures the clients of the company, its products, and its staff. For many customers, a video testimonial adds credibility to the business. It feels like a personal, one-on-one experience.

Link the videos to social media accounts

This is the one thing you should never forget as soon as the testimonial video was posted on your company’s website. You can showcase these short clips by featuring them on your company’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. It will double the dose of visibility because now, these are also accessible via the most popular platforms on the internet. Your business may gain more followers and momentum because of simply sharing the videos.

Display important info easily

No one wants to read through hundreds of words just to get a feel of what the company is like and what products and services are currently available. When used properly, testimonial videos can give pertinent information about the company, product pricing, discounts, warranties and return policy.

Putting customers at ease

Video testimonials do not simply aim to market products and services. They also want to make customers feel at ease since they are basically visual sources of information about a company they are thinking of hiring. If a visitor never had prior experience with your company, a testimonial video can make him feel at ease–either to buy your products or services or simply reach out to ask for more info and details.