The video production industry has made plenty of progress and seen many changes over the past few years. Because of the increased demand for video content, being a Lakeland videographer is a career that more young professionals are considering nowadays.

However, because of the recent changes in the technology and trends that are now in place today, it is very important to constantly stay ahead of the curve in terms of trends.

This allows you to use the latest in your video production work and help keep your skills updated. Here are some of the most popular video production trends that every Lakeland videographer should be aware of.

Virtual reality

With the rise in augmented and virtual reality technology, there is an increased demand for videos that can be viewed with this platform. When VR technology was first introduced to the general public, most of the VR compatible videos were limited to first-person roller coaster videos and the like.

As more videographers have begun implementing virtual reality technology into their video productions as well as the introduction of VR as a form of consumer tech, it is becoming more commonplace to have VR compatible content available to the general public.

Long video content

Another video production trend that you should definitely be getting on board is long-form video content. Before, videos were only roughly around five minutes maximum for people to watch as many videos as they can. However, nowadays, long-form, quality video content is more in demand.

These usually take the form of documentaries and other forms of educational content. It might seem counterproductive to make long videos since viewers are usually more interested in content that is quickly absorbed, but online users nowadays are becoming more interested in longer videos as long as they’re entertaining, informative, and well worth their time.

Social media video content

One of the biggest trends that you should be aware of as a Lakeland videographer is video content that is easily accessed on various social media platforms. Social media is the strongest digital marketing tool and online users are using it to access video content as well.

It’s important to understand that each platform has its own set of rules in how users absorb content and engage with content creators. Learning how the different social media platforms are used by the users and tailoring your video content to suit each one is a step in the right direction in learning how to use social media for your video marketing.