The reputation of drones has increased significantly over the past few years. One main reason why drones have become so popular can be attributed to Lakeland drone videography and photography.

Travel bloggers have helped popularize drone media, showing online users beautiful shots taken during their trips. It has come to the point where drone technology is now considered on the same level as DSLRs and other forms of commercial photography technology.

However, with the recent advances in drone tech, Lakeland drone videography and photography is no longer the only use for drones. Learn more about some other uses for drones aside from being used in drone photography and videography.


One of the most popular uses for drones today is in mapping. A drone has the ability to fly over an entire area in a manner of hours to create a highly accurate map. The great thing about drones is that they have the ability to access areas that are not so easily accessible through traditional methods of mapping. Drones can create maps that are more accurate than anything done through physical mapping.

Site surveying/Agriculture

Again, taking advantage of a drone’s ability to scan an entire area in a short span of time, drones are now being used to survey an area for a variety of uses. For example, construction sites are usually far too large to survey within an entire day through traditional means.

This is where drones can be extremely useful. You can use a drone to survey an entire construction site within a few hours to get a good idea of what parts of the area are up to code and which areas need more work.

Drones can also be used to monitor agriculture progress. Monitoring crops using drones is a good way to keep an eye out for diseases that may damage crops, as well as help, improve crop yield and management.

Wildlife monitoring/Surveillance

Poaching is a very serious issue that is currently very difficult to stay on top of using traditional methods of monitoring. A drone can be utilized to observe various wildlife to keep an eye on them for monitoring purposes.

Drones are great for monitoring wildlife because it is much easier to use a drone to approach wildlife compared to approaching them in person. Drones are especially useful for nighttime wildlife monitoring.

Drones can generally be used for surveillance purposes, not just for monitoring wildlife. Because they can be maneuvered very quickly, it is a good tool to use if you need to patrol a large area with a smaller team.