Spending thousands of dollars on your advertising and marketing campaigns is not enough in this age of social media and heightened industry competitions. There are too many businesses out there out to get your customers that you always have to be on your toes. You cannot let your guard down because your competitors will be after your clientele… the clientele that you have built. One of the things you can do is to build a better relationship with your customers, to personalize that relationship, and to improve the communication between the two sides. How can you do that? Through a corporate video, that’s how.

Because of social media, there is a need to build a closer relationship with your customers. They want to know how your company started, what its goals are, what it is currently working on, and how it is being operated. Companies are building social media profiles and customers are reaching out to these profiles in the hopes of having their questions answered.

But the reason why your company might not be attracting as many customers as other companies that invest in corporate videos is because you don’t see its potentials and opportunities. Corporate videos will bring you closer to your clients in the hopes that once they got to know who you are as a company, they will support your products and your services.

So, what should be included in your corporate videos? A little bit of history about your company—where it started, how it started, how it grew, and where it is headed—is always a good thing. It can introduce your company to your intended audience if it’s a startup business or it can “humanize” the company, make it more personal, and bring the market closer to it.

You should think a lot about including testimonials from your past clients or even your employees. Your clients want to hear about how you are operating the business and how you are handling the production of items and how you are looking after the services being offered. This will help your customers understand what your company is about and how it operates to bring you the best products and services.

You need to think like a customer. Ask yourself this: what do you want to know about a company whose products and services you support? Your video can show your factory and highlight how the products are being made with the best quality and experience.