Drones and drone photography have come a really long way in how these are used. A few years ago, drones were almost exclusively used for industrial use. Back when drones were first introduced, they were used in a variety of industries and professions.

From construction to agriculture, plenty of industries have made good use of drones. Later on, as the technology has become more accessible, drone technology has become more popular as a commercial item.

Drones are available in a variety of options, which makes it easier for more and more people, whether professional or amateur to get ahold of a drone for personal use. These have been used to capture stunning images from angles that would not have been possible without special equipment.

Drones have become as much as a necessity for travel photography as the smartphone has, and people are still continuing to find applications for these. An interesting application that people have found for drone photography is taking selfies with them. Here are some of the ways that you can make your selfies stand out with drones.

Make use of shadows

As long as you know his to do this right, you can absolutely make of shadows to make stunning effects from an aerial angle. Play with the angles of the sun and try to take a few practice shots. If you place yourself in an open area, you can really come up with some great shots that accentuate the shadows.

Look for patterns

In the same way that you can use patterns to get some interesting drone photography shots, you can also use patterns to accentuate the selfies that you can take with a drone. Take note of parks or subdivisions, as these are usually designed with patterns in mind. If you do this right, you can really take your selfie shots to a whole another level.

Don’t be afraid of switching things up

One thing that people don’t really like about selfies is that they’re rather limited in what you can do with them. Some people have tried experimenting with different backgrounds with smartphones, but they tend to put themselves at risk, and sometimes lose the phone in the process.

The great thing about using drones for drone photography is that it gives you the opportunity to practice different kinds of shots without putting you, or your drone at risk. Use this to advantage by practicing different kinds of angles, whether upper and lower angles.