Corporate videos work almost exactly how TV and radio commercials, and newspaper advertisements do. They need to sell the products and services in such a way that wouldn’t overwhelm the public with too much information, but would give out details they need to hear. If you have to hire a Lakeland video production company, it is best to be guided by the do’s and don’t’s of building a corporate video.

Do use stunning visuals

Videos are all about the visuals. While they were usually intended to entertain, there’s nothing wrong with being informative as well. Using good visuals is a way for your audience to be entertained while absorbing the message of your video. It is a shame that many people don’t know how to use the visuals properly. They are missing out on the chance to create a client where there was none before. Stunning visuals depend on the product or service you are offering. If you’re a ticketing company, you may include aerial views of the locations you’re servicing. If your product is mosquito repellant, you can get views of forests, gardens, lakes and tropical places. Use the visuals to entice your audience.

Don’t overcrowd the video with message

At the same time, you must remember never to overcrowd your visuals with your message. While being informative is important in a corporate video, you must also keep in mind that no one wants to be bombarded with too much details. Can you remember everything in a one-minute video? What will appeal to you are the things you saw rather than the messages you heard. Use your visuals to speak, and be conservative with your message.

Do let an expert speak

Allow an expert from your industry to do the talking or the explaining. People want to see from their Lakeland video production someone who knows what he’s talking about. It’s quite hard for anyone to believe testimonials since they can easily be duped. What they want is an expert in the field telling them a particular product works.

Don’t allow heavy graphics

Same with overcrowding the video with message, no one wants heavy graphics on their video. Maybe this would work during the 90s, when people were just starting to realize how graphics and animations are being used. But we are way past that. We’re in an age where balance is the key, so you need to keep in mind the importance of using graphics sparingly but effectively.