Getting started in the photography and videography industry is a pretty daunting choice. It is admirable for you to pursue your passions and working in an industry that you care about. However, plenty of first-timers are floored by the amount of work that it takes just to get started in the photography and videography industry.

The reason why it’s difficult to get started in this industry is because of the high number of people who have joined in this industry. It has come to the point where you need something really special just to stand out in this industry.

However, it is possible to succeed in this industry without giving up on everything. As soon as you start getting projects, it’s all a matter of making sure that you do your best work in each project, and word will travel fast, especially if you have chosen a specific niche to focus your photography and videography in.

Before any of that can happen though, you need to figure out where to get clients first. Here are some ways to get clients so you can get a jump start on your photography and videography business.


Networking has a bit of an off reputation when it comes to business, but if you do it right, then it works as a great way to get started on building a customer base.

Some people make the mistake of simply handing out their contact information like a robot at these events, when the main goal of the entire thing is to mingle with the attendees and get to familiarize yourself with them.

Find your photography and videography niche, and find events and meetups that specialize in this niche. This helps your target clients that have a specific interest in your niche.

Cold and warm calling

Cold calling is something that not many people are willing to do because they find it difficult to call up random strangers like that. However, if you have the right pitch for this kind of strategy, it can be a very effective one.

An easier way is to utilize warm calling, which is calling someone who you don’t know but is already anticipating your call because of a mutual third party that will inform the potential client about your call. This is easier because you already have a foot in the door which will help you get the job easier.

Social media

Of course, social media is a great way to advertise your photography and videography business, even without a marketing budget. This is the best way to reach a wider audience, allowing you to get more potential clients.