Planning and organizing a wedding is such a big industry these days. Whether the couple is a celebrity or your regular John and Jane Doe, weddings have become ubiquitous to throwing a wild and grand party. One of the components of holding a grand celebration like a wedding is entertaining the guests in between the program entries. How should wedding guests be entertained using only a video production? Let’s get into details.

Show the growing-up years slideshow

Isn’t it nice to see the couple during their childhood and teenage years? Or during the whole timeline of their relationship?

The photo and video provider can prepare a slideshow of the couple’s pictures. The slideshow can be on a loop or shown at the registration area. Make sure that there’s an accompanying music to the photo slideshow.

Put the save-the-date video on loop

Most couples would default on showing their save-the-date videos. You know, that production that they prepared for and sent to their guests so they can, well, save the date.

The venue can put up large projector screens around the hall where the guests will stay, so they will have a full view of the prenuptial photos and videos.

Highlight the milestones in the relationship

There’s another video service that photographers and videographers offer today—that’s the mini-movie of your relationship.

In the video, you and your partner can talk about the different stages and milestones in your relationship that led to your decision to get married. Basically, you’re giving everyone a full summary of the many years or months that you spend together and how these challenges made you stronger as a couple.

Not all couples are comfortable with the idea of oversharing but there are still who find the whole idea interesting since it basically makes you feel like a celebrity. And since the wedding is really just about the couple, why not overshare their relationship, too, right?

Have the live feed ready

Some guests like seeing what’s happening behind the scenes… like, while the bride and groom are being photographed for the first time as husband and wife or while the newlywed couple is on their way from the ceremony to the reception.

You can provide this kind of entertainment to make guests feel that they are a part of every step of the wedding—from the time the bride and groom prepared to the actual ceremony to the reception.