A corporate video is a smart strategy not only to manage your business and your employees but to attract customers and professionals. If you are looking for a person with a particular set of skills to come and work for you, a corporate video is the best way to get the message across.

How else can you send a customized message to these people who you have been trying to attract to apply for the position? Finding a worker with the skills, talents, and experiences that you are looking for is difficult under the current job situation.

People nowadays are focused on self-fulfillment and finding a niche for themselves in a tough industry. If you are not the kind of company that can provide this sense of fulfillment, you are going to have a tough time attracting the kind of people you want to hire.

Upload your videos on social media

If you are simply publishing and airing your videos in your website, you won’t reach your target audience. Your videos will simply be viewed as just another promotion or advertisement. You have to reach your target through the platforms where they usually are—social media.

If you have an official Facebook and Instagram page, simply upload a copy of the videos there, so people can see what your company is about and what it does for the community. You can then link these videos to your LinkedIn profile so that people looking for a job can search for it.

Publish the videos in different Facebook community groups, too, because a lot of people gather in these pages to share knowledge about their experiences in the industry and the opportunities currently open for them.

Feature the company’s compensation and benefits

The most important factor that potential workers consider when applying for a job is the kind of compensation package and benefits they are going to get.

They are not simply focused on how much they are going to earn by working with and for you. They are also focused on the extra benefits they can get such as health and life insurances, overtime pay, sick leaves, vacation leaves, and many more.

Your video should showcase the various compensation packages and benefits available for your employees. It will benefit not only your company in the long run but these people who will also be attracted to apply for the position because of the work environment you’re offering.