The competition in the photography and videography industry is tough. There are a lot of options in the market when you need to find a service provider for your personal and corporate events.

However, lots of options do not always mean a good and affordable price range. Finding the best deals is still a little harder when you have standards to uphold but a strict budget to work with.

Avail of introductory prices

Is there a new or startup photo and video company in your area? You may want to check out their introductory prices because most new companies will offer their services and products for a lesser price than they intend to sell them during regular days.

This marketing ploy is meant to keep customers coming and to retain old ones. New companies are not the only ones offering introductory prices.

Even stable companies do this for new products and services that they want their market to support. Many companies slash around 50 percent off their prices for an introductory promotion. That’s a lot of savings that can benefit you.

Join contests

There are a lot of photo and video service providers that host contests on Facebook and Instagram. By simply sharing a post to your network, you can get the chance of winning a discounted photo and video package.

You can also get a lot of freebies such as free out-of-town fees, aerial photography or videography, additional cameras, and upgraded photo albums. In some wedding packages, the prenuptial video and save-the-date video are made free, too, when the company picks your social media profile.

Of course, there’s a catch: you have to follow the company’s official page plus their partners’ pages, too. But honestly, that’s such a small price to pay compared to what you’re going to get—hopefully, a high-quality photo and video output.

Collect coupons

Browse through magazines and you may just get a surprise… like a coupon for a discount on photo and video services. You can also check out discount websites like Groupon because they offer a lot of coupons for a wide variety of products and services—from beauty to travel to food to photo services.

Attend trade shows

Are you getting married? Well, attend one of the wedding trade shows that happen almost everywhere so you can get a lot of good deals from wedding suppliers.

These trade shows invite suppliers from all over the country and give them a chance to offer their services for a discount. Many couples attend these shows exactly to get good deals from photography and videography providers.