Flying Lakeland aerial photography might seem like touch and go, but it’s much more complicated than it seems. When people see pilots flying their drones, a lot of them seem to get the misconception that drone flying is just like flying a remote-controlled airplane or helicopter.

While it seems to involve a lot of the same mechanisms, drone flying involves more technical skill and maneuvers than typical remote-controlled flying would. In addition to this, drone pilots have to learn how to maneuver a drone while shooting photography or videography at the same time.

Overall, this makes it a challenge to get right on the first try. One of the ways to help your Lakeland aerial photography and drone flying is by making use of a pre-flight checklist. Here is a simple guide on how to carry out a pre-flight checklist when piloting a drone.

Scope out the location

Before anything else, if you’re already making plans to shoot your drone photography, it’s very important that you scope out the location beforehand. This allows you to plan out your shots beforehand, which will make the entire flight much easier to carry out.

It also helps you understand the layout of the land, which will help you avoid any obstacles or location-related problems that might get in the way of your drone flying. If you can’t visit the location beforehand, you can look up the location using online tools like Google Earth.

Plan for the day

Once you’ve started putting together your drone flight plans, you must never forget to plan for the actual day of the flight.

Weather can seriously hinder your plans and flying in bad weather can cause some serious damage to your drone. Always check for regular weather updates to make sure that the weather is clear on the day of your drone flight.

Check your drone

If everything goes well with the planning aspect of your drone flight, it’s very important that you remember to check your drone before your flight. You need to look over every aspect of your drone, from the hardware to the software to make sure that everything is working perfectly.

If you don’t do this, you risk having your drone fail in the middle of a Lakeland aerial photography flight, which can lead to it crashing and incurring extensive damage. Taking a few minutes before every flight to check your drone is a good way to make sure that this doesn’t happen.