Everywhere in the United States there are people wanting to be a star of their own shows—whether it’s in the theater, as a model, or in movies. Somehow, the Hollywood phenomena is still attracting young and old alike as they aim to reach the glamour and sophistication they usually see on TV. That’s why there are still many who’ll work with you on your Lakeland video production for free. As long as there is exposure for them, they are open to doing it.

If you’re a company who needs a local actor for its video production, you don’t need to go to agencies and pay the hefty fees. You can just stroll around the university center and you’re bound to bump into someone who wants to act in your video.

Local theaters

You can begin by checking out the local theaters in Lakeland. Those who have not managed to infiltrate the mainstream entertainment industry are more likely spending their free time in local theaters to help revive the community’s love for theater. There are many talented artists in your local theater. You can make use of their talents as they are willing to star even in your infomercials for a chance to reach a wider audience.


College students are willing to earn money, especially if it only involves them acting in front of the camera for a few short minutes. Since you’re not doing a movie (and most probably, just need someone to instruct potential buyers about how a gadget works), the students will have time to do a short project with you. They love getting paid even if it’s not too much, but be fair and give them what is due amateur actors in the industry today. Besides, you can even get some insights from students.


This is especially useful if you’re looking for children and babies to model in your video production. They are mostly with their parents while they’re at the mall, which means you can directly talk to the mom/dad about hiring his/her baby or children. Be very clear about your intention and your company.


Of course, modeling agencies should be your first stop. With just a click of a few buttons, you can drop an agency a call and hire somebody from their portfolio. However, that doesn’t work that way. You have to pay for the services of the said agency instead of paying the actor directly. That would cost much more. You better have an eye for talent, so you can pick one from the crowd and offer him/her a job.