You have seen the YouTube videos. You have liked the Instagram and the Facebook posts. You have read the blog. Still, you have questions about the purpose, the relevance, and the benefit of having an aerial photography at your wedding. It is the most important occasion in your life so you want to make sure you are making the right decisions every time you have to shell out your hard-earned money for a service.

Aerial shots are supposed and designed to make your wedding albums even more beautiful and gorgeous and breathtaking. They are mostly used to capture the landscape where you are wedded or where the reception took place. It would be a nice addition on top of the usual wedding photography services because it is out of the box, unique, and it gives a sense of wonder to the photos.

Admit it, we are wowed when we see photos taken from the sky, and these photos make us feel infinitely small against the grandeur of the world and the sceneries around us. This is the purpose of aerial photography—to capture the beauty that photos from the ground cannot give justice to.

While it is not impossible to hold a wedding without hiring an aerial photographer, it would make your photos more beautiful and a sight to behold. There is something whimsical with the photos taken from above and you can invest a significant amount of your money in this kind of service.

Most aerial photographers will charge around $700 to $1,000 for this service. There are cheaper ones, of course, but you have to check out their portfolios before signing a contract with them.

Not all weddings can afford to hire a photographer that does aerial shots, too. Fortunately, because of drone technology, this skill has become easier to master for practically everyone. Here’s a little trick you may want to try: instead of investing your $1,000 on a service, use the money to buy a drone and a nice camera.

Ask a friend to master flying the drone and taking aerial photography and let him be the one to act as your aerial photographer on your wedding day. Just make sure this friend is not part of your entourage or he will have to leave his post to take photos!

After the wedding, you can either tinker around with the drone and the camera to master flying it or you can dispose of the drone and get your money back for a preloved fee.