A well-made corporate video can make a lot of difference for you and your company. There a plenty of benefits that a company video can offer. For example, it allows your company to deliver its goals and key messages through a platform that is easily understood by many. Because of its easy accessibility, it is easy enough to share it to plenty of people on social media, increasing your company’s visibility and exposure.

These are just a couple of the things that a company video can provide for your business. However, to achieve all of that, your video should be just right, in terms of production quality. To make sure that your company video production goes off without a hitch, here are some common mistakes found in company videos that you should definitely keep an eye out for.

It’s too serious and doesn’t connect with the viewers

Yes, your company video is meant to be something that represents the image and views of your company, and there are times when some seriousness is warranted. However, if your company video comes off as too serious, you might have difficulty connecting with your intended viewers, and they may be bored of your video. Remember that your video is meant to be a medium to connect with any parties who are interested in learning more about your company, or any potential applicants.

You may risk coming off as too emotionless in the video as well, and this is something that should definitely be avoided. Before the actual video shoot, sit down with the production company and writers, and try to flesh out what kind of emotions you’re trying to convey to viewers with your video.

The actors look and act stiff

Another common mistake made in many company videos is stiff looking actors, or actors who look uncomfortable when they talk or they act. Usually, for company videos, companies use their own employees to give off a more authentic vibe to their videos. However, they are usually uncomfortable being in front of the camera, and they may come off a little bit stiff and uncomfortable.

If you’re not interested in hiring professional actors, you can always give them some encouragement to help them out. Talk to them to relax them, and try telling them not to think too hard about their performances, in order to avoid that stiffness.

It’s too long

Finally, one of the most common mistakes seen in a corporate video is that it can be too long. It’s tempting to be as informative as possible, but remember, your video is meant to spark interest, not provide information. That is what your company website and online presence is for.