Adding a new member to your photography and videography team can be a long and exhausting ordeal. If you’re handling your own team of photographers and videographers, naturally, you only want the best talent. There’s a lot of effort that goes into setting up and dismantling a shoot, so you want someone who can handle that kind of work, while being talented enough to handle the creative aspect of the job.

Many people assume that photography and videography is easy work, and that anybody can handle it, but it takes a lot of skill and hard work to be the kind of photographer and videographer that people seek out to document their events.

Ideally, when hiring new staff for your team, you want somebody who isn’t going to use the company for experience purposes, and then leave for something else when enough time has passed. New team members are usually regarded as investments, and it takes a lot of time to train these new hires, so to have them leave after a short span of time can be seen as a loss. Fortunately, there are ways that can help you screen different applicants and find your next team member.

First things first, when looking for a new member of the team, you need to advertise on the right channels, otherwise, you might not find the right candidates. Make use of several job portals, as well as social media platforms that can help you attract the right kind of talent, like LinkedIn.

When creating your job listing, make sure that you are transparent in the job’s requirements and responsibilities. Try to create a profile of what your ideal candidate would look like, and tailor your job description to express that.

Once you have attracted several candidates for the position, make sure that they have the experience and skills that you are looking for. While experience can be flexible depending on the position, skills will give you a look into what the applicant is capable of. Once you have screened several applicant accordingly, we’re on to the interview process. Make sure that you ask the right questions. Some of these include a look into their experience handling tasks like the ones you’re expecting of them, and how they handle conflict situations.

Make sure that you are comfortable working with them, and that your team would be comfortable with them as well. You don’t only want them to be a good fit professionally, but they must be a good fit with the team on a personal level as well. After all, photography and videography involves a lot of long hours and spending time together, and it wouldn’t do to have a team member that nobody is comfortable with.