The proper Lakeland video production can make or break your resume. Since the job market is highly competitive nowadays, it’s important that you stand out from the rest of the applicants. To do that, you have to produce a video that will highlight your skills and the benefits the company can get by hiring you.

But remember, a video resume, when done correctly, can help you clinch that job. When done wrong, it can turn you into a laughingstock.

Here are five simple tips to creating the right video resume:

Only make one when it’s appropriate

Traditional companies won’t get why a video resume matters. Your decision to create a video resume must be relevant to the industry you’re applying to. If you are applying in an online, social media, or creative companies, then a video resume will make sense. Remember that the Lakeland video production must boost your already impressive written resume. It is not a replacement. Rather, it must complement it.

Don’t read your resume

It’s completely pointless to create a video resume and just read out aloud your traditional written resume. A video must offer the potential employer a greater insight into your skills and experience. Use that video to show the employer what you can achieve in the future rather than what you have achieved in your previous jobs.

Keep it concise

Your video resume should be somewhere between the one-minute and two-minute mark. It shouldn’t be longer than that. Keep it short and sweet, many job-seeking experts said. Always remember that HR managers want to use the video resume to filter applicants. It is not intended to replace a one-on-one interview. You can also create your video resume in such a way that it shows your personality. One example is to include bloopers on the end credits.

Be creative

If you are using a video resume, you might as well make it creative. Be creative in your pitch, use of humor, and even in editing. Just remember to be professional while doing this. Make sure you’re still wearing an office suit or dress.

Make is shareable

If you are not ready to see your Lakeland video production viral, then you’re not ready to let the HR manager see it. Before finalizing your video resume, check it for any detail that you may not like to let others see. Think about sharing your video on your social media accounts. If it’s not good enough to be shared on these accounts, then you may want to re-edit it.