Adding Lakeland video production to your website allows you to communicate your message more effectively. It also attracts more customers and therefore, is completely advantageous to your business.

While it can be quite a task to produce a corporate video, upload it on your business’ YouTube account, then share it on social media accounts, the benefits are astounding and will certainly pay off in the long run.

Here are five of the benefits of promotional videos:

Increased visibility online

As you well know, Google and YouTube are owned by the same company. Websites that incorporate videos in them score more points and boost their rankings in search engines. This gives you an advantage over your competitors that don’t make use of videos. And because YouTube is owned by Google, they “might” be sharing some algorithm that makes it easier for Google to rank websites with YouTube videos in them higher. What you should do is to upload the video on YouTube, embed it on your website through a blog post, and share the post on your social media accounts.

Easier communication

Even when accompanied by static images, complex messages are most often hard to convey through written words. Even the best writer can find it hard to convey emotions and arguments through a simple 300-word blog post. A Lakeland video production can easily and quickly get your message across in such a way that the audience will remember it.

Visitor engagement

Watching videos is more engaging than reading pages and pages of text. It also requires less effort, making this the perfect tool for on-the-go people. Most people also remember information they watched on a video rather than the ones they read through an article.

Returning visitors

Adding videos to your websites has been proven to increase the chances of returning visitors. Since they can most likely engage through the videos, they would prefer to return checking out your website rather than visit a new one. If you are adding videos regularly, you will attract customers more.

Social media presence

When visitors come to your website and they like the content they see there, they would most likely want to share it with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues. It makes it more presentable on social media when your site has videos in them. Remember that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are purely visual websites. If your website does not have a Lakeland video production, customers are less likely to be interested in them.