Drone photography isn’t merely for special occasions, corporate events, product launches, Hollywood movies, and commercials. The military, the police, and various other security organizations have been using drones since its inception to monitor known terror groups, take photos of geographical landscapes, survey disaster-prone areas, and police surrounding areas and high-rise buildings during political occasions.

Surveillance of alleged terrorist groups

While most of us are aware of the existence of al-Qaeda and ISIS and many other terror groups operating in and out of North America, there are many small satellite terror groups that we are completely unaware of. These small groups are less technologically-driven compared to the much bigger ISIS and al-Qaeda.

This means that they are easier to spot and they are less aware of the subtle ways they are being monitored. Through the use of ultra-quiet and small drones, these terror groups can be monitored effectively.

Monitoring disaster-prone areas

As mentioned before, drones are being used to monitor and survey disaster areas. They make emergency missions more secure by letting the emergency response team know which roads and highways they can take.

They also allow for the swift recovery of people and properties during search and rescue operations. But more than that, drones are also being used to monitor areas that are prone to disasters even before a disaster strikes.

During the summer season, forests are being monitored for signs of a start of a wildfire. That adage “when there’s smoke, there’s fire” rings true for this scenario. Drones can also help in monitoring oceans and seas and any sign of an impending disaster.

During the relief operations for these areas, drone photos and videos can aid the government and its emergency response teams to map out a strategy for distributing goods and services.

Observing surrounding areas during political events

Do you think US presidents just stand before a podium without the Secret Service making sure that all buildings facing that podium have been cleared of possible points of attack?

But while ground operatives are doing their job, drone photos and videos will help survey every inch and cranny of the areas surrounding the location of political events and rallies.

Drones make sure that each rooftop is covered or that each high-rise building is safe from possible terror attacks. Are all the windows closed with not even a tiny hole on the wall? That’s the job of the person monitoring the drones. He needs to make sure that nothing was missed and everything is in place.