Are you passionate about drone photography? Do you love taking your drones for a flight? Do you like taking photos of family, friends, landscapes, and events?

Maybe you should turn that passion into something you can profit from. We’re talking about starting a business where your skills and your love for photography will shine through. Starting a business that deals with drones and photos is not easy, yes, because of the presence of a lot of competition in the market.

However, you are also aware that videos are trendy and they are being used in many industries—in real estate, marketing, and advertising, in events planning, and even in police work.

Low cost of investment

If you have a drone and a camera and a laptop, then you’re all set. These are exactly what you need to start a drone photography business—you need, well duh, a drone, a camera attached to the drone, and a laptop with the right editing software for the post-processing of the photos. Although this equipment is not exactly cheap, you have already invested in it for personal use.

What’s stopping you from investing in it again for business use? You don’t even have to buy a separate one for the business. You can just use what you already own. That will solve a lot of your initial problems with capital and expenses.

Aerial photography is trendy

Everywhere you look, there seem to be aerial photos. You can see them on billboards, on posters, on social media, and magazines.

These kinds of photos are everywhere which only means that people are interested and they seek new players in the industry. Those who were pioneers in the drone photo industry are charging exorbitantly so everyone is out there looking to hire someone who can offer his services for a lower and more cost-efficient price.

No one wants to shell out thousands of dollars to get an aerial shot of a couple saying their I do’s so target those groups that potentially want an aerial image but have no big money to invest in the expensive providers.

Needed by a wide range of niche

Drone photos are being demanded by a wide range of industries. No matter where you look at or who you meet, people are curious about drone photos and how they are being executed. If you want to earn a profit from your skills as a photographer, what you can do is offer your skills to many industries—do not just focus on one or two industries.