We’re sure you have seen videographers roaming around the park or the streets shooting mundane things, people, and sceneries. Do you wonder where they are using these fillers for? What kind of video production needs a shot of people crossing the streets or the cars passing by the roads? These are called filler videos. Videographers take and collect these videos to use in their current projects or to save for future ones.

It’s a big mistake for videographers not to take as much filler videos as possible, especially when they are in a faraway and unique location. In fact, many videographers take an assistant and a second camera with them just for filler shots.

For entrance and exit shots

Most fillers are used for the entrance and exit scenes in a video production. Entrance scenes don’t always have to feature the actors or the main subjects of the main video though they should connect in a kind of subtle manner. Videographers and editors use filler videos for the entrance scenes of a video production because they add more cinematic drama to the whole output.

The same thing goes for exit shots. Filler videos are used for exit scenes once the credit starts to roll. Certainly, editors hate the idea of having the credits rolled over the faces of the actors or the main subject matter. Fillers are used specifically for this purpose. Fillers create a background or backdrop that can be used for the credits.

For transitions

If the video is transitioning to another scene but the editors do not like the idea of cutting directly to the new one, they use fillers to soften the changes. Fillers prevent blackouts and empty spaces.

They act as the glue that holds the pieces of the video footages together. They are especially great when a scene is transitioning to a new one because of the cinematic effect that they add to complete the video.

If you are a newbie videographer or you’re simply starting this out as a hobby, do not forget to collect as many filler videos as you can. If you also love to edit videos, these fillers will allow the final output to be more presentable and dramatic.

Filler videos can be anything—people crossing the street, cars honking on the roads, a beautiful mountain landscape, people laughing, the day changing into the night, etc. All you have to do is shoot everyday things and slowly, you will be able to create your own collection of filler videos.