Whether it’s to attract more customers to your business or simply to greet your clients a happy holiday, there are many benefits to creating a corporate video just for this season. For one, your clients love knowing that you care enough about them to remember to greet them during Christmas.

It’s nice to be remembered by a business you are patronizing. But even if you don’t intend to make the video for marketing purposes, it will still have an impact in terms of attracting customers to check out your business.

A video greeting with your employees

You can create a video with your employees where you will be greeting your loyal customers. This is a good method of trying to keep your clients especially those extra-sensitive ones who love feeling special and appreciated by the business they support. This is also a good bonding experience with your employees. Can you just imagine how it might feel to be in one room together with all your employees and making funny faces at the camera?

This is an experience you will remember and might even make you closer as a “work” family. But remember that when trying to make a project with your whole staff, you have to either close early or pay them for the overwork time (yes, making video production for the benefit of the business is still considered overtime).

Do not allow your employees to lose time for their families in exchange for spending more time working without pay. Your workers’ mental and emotional health is also important.

A video production of holiday promos and discounts

What better way to thank your loyal customers than a video promoting, well, your company’s newest promotions and discounts? Everyone loves a good sale especially during the holiday season when we go out of our ways to pick out a gift for our loved ones.

This is a great way to promote new products and services and let the holiday spirit take over the consumerist attitudes of your clients (not that we want to take advantage of them so make sure to provide quality products and services).

Instead of relying solely on blog posts and posters and billboards about the promotions, make a video presenting all the products they can get with a discount. Your customers will retain more of the information if they are able to watch a video rather than read about the promotions through a blog article or from a poster.