A lot of people tend to be surprised at the fact that the Lakeland drone videography industry has grown enough to warrant its own set of trends now. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago when it was just a trend itself in the media production world.

But it has grown to the point where it is seeing its own fair share of trends, which can affect how the industry operates. Learn more about some of the trends that will affect the Lakeland drone videography industry here.

Drone flying become more mainstream

It is no secret that drones are very popular nowadays. However, the way things are looking now, drone flying will extend far beyond a hobby and will evolve into actual marketable skill. Before, drone flying was considered a hobby afforded only by the very rich.

Today, however, it is not easy for anybody with an interest to take part in this industry. The way it looks now, it’s turning into a skill that many professionals can leverage to help their careers, especially within specific industries.

Beyond photography and videography

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have when it comes to drones and their tech is the idea that drone tech is used solely for recording photos and videos. However, it’s important to remember that drone tech has evolved far beyond using it simply for capturing photos and videos.

Other industries, like the construction, medical, and logistics industries have found merit in making use of drone tech to improve their industries. Because of this, you may see a rise in the application of drone tech to carry out certain tasks for maximum efficiency.

New drone laws

When drones and Lakeland drone videography started taking the world by storm and grew in popularity, many governments were concerned about how this may impact their local citizens.

As a result, they began implementing certain laws and regulations to help control the number of drone pilots to make sure that they were capable of handling their drones and the flights competently enough to not put anyone at risk during a flight.

Because of this, you have rules and regulations like the ones you see on the FAA website as well as the need for drone and pilot registration.

Because of the recent trends of using drone tech in other industries, you can expect to see some revisions and additions to the currently existing pool of drone laws and regulations to help control these.