Shooting a behind the scenes video for a video production business is something that more and more businesses are doing nowadays. While clean cut, professional videos are the standard for good quality videos, behind the scenes videos are very popular among the audience.

This is one of the reasons why director’s cuts in movies are anticipated, and why bloopers are highly enjoyed by movie goers. It adds a certain human element to the whole production, as well as an interesting inside look into how a video or film that you enjoyed was shot.

Interestingly enough, these videos can be used to increase customer engagement, as well as also help drive traffic towards your other videos and website.

Audiences like it when they can see how videos and films are made, as the more human element gives them more cause to trust the business. If you’re looking to shoot a behind the scenes video for your video production, keep these in mind.

Footage that show how the individual elements come together

The main core of the behind the scenes video is that you showcase how the individual elements of a video production come together to bring the video that you see before you.

Some behind the scenes aren’t even about how a video was created, some photography businesses use behind the scenes footage to show clients and audiences how an entire shoot was put together.

If you’re going to be creating a behind the scenes, you can showcase the individual components such as hair and makeup, script writing, if it’s for a video production, the shoot itself, and even post editing. This helps your audience appreciate and understand all the hard work that goes into the finished product that they see before them.

Choose good music

Music can help make or break your behind the scenes video. Choose the right kind of music for the mood of the video. Remember, this is supposed to be a sort of candid look into the world of video production, so nothing too serious.

And as usual, avoid using music that you didn’t pay licensing rights for as this can lead to some legal issues in the future.

Time-lapse is a popular type behind the scenes footage

Time lapse is a popular format when it comes to behind the scenes of your video production shoot. Sometimes audiences don’t like long drawn videos that detail how the process is played out, they prefer just watching the whole thing come together into the final product.