Being a videographer in the world of video production is not an easy feat. There are plenty of videographers out there, and it can be difficult to make yourself stand out, especially if you’re just starting out.

Landing your first job seems like a such an achievement, but as a freshly graduated videographer, it seems almost impossible to do. As much as possible, you should build up a client base that relies on your good video work for all of their videography needs.

When meeting clients, or potential employers for the first time, chances are, they’re going to want to see your demo reel in addition to your resume and experience. Your demo reel can make an even bigger impact than your resume, so it’s really important that you make a really great demo reel. Here are a few ways that you can put together a really eye-catching demo reel that’s bound to wow clients and potential employers alike.

Understand that your demo reel is supposed to highlight your strengths

Remember that your demo reel is other people’s first impression of you as a videographer, so it’s very important that your demo reel highlights your best qualities as such. Choose your best work to include in your reel, and try not to make it too long. It shouldn’t be more than a minute and a half at most.

It’s like a resume, it should be to the point, and showcases your best qualities. Anything more than that can be too dragging. Like a good resume, your demo reel should be tailored to fit the position you’re applying for, and should highlight what you can do for those particular positions.


Never, ever use copyrighted music when putting together your demo reel. It’s illegal, and it shows potential employers that you don’t understand the technicalities of using others’ copyrighted works for commercial and personal use, which is a serious issue in the video production industry. Always use royalty-free music in your demo reels that don’t take any attention away from the actual video clips themselves.

Ask for feedback

You can’t tell if you have an effective demo reel if you don’t test it out on others? Don’t be afraid to ask opinions from colleagues, family members, and friends to ask them what their opinions are. It always helps to have a fresh eye to look at your demo reel so that they can give an unbiased first opinion upon viewing your reel for the first time.