We’ve all heard the stories about brides losing their cool during their wedding day. We even got a term coined for it—bridezilla. But let’s not be unfair on the bride and look at past her frayed nerves. Why would a bride want to stress herself on the most important day of her life? It may be because some wedding suppliers, like a photography and videography company, are not doing the things she tasked them to do, right?

Your role as a photographer and videographer is probably the most crucial ones in a wedding suppliers list. You are burdened with the heavy task of capturing the most exciting and memorable moments in a couple’s life.

Have good equipment

Good camera equipment has become affordable in the past years. But you are going to need more than just a good camera. You need an exceptional set of equipment that will produce high-quality video and audio output. If you want people to continue patronizing your services, you have to provide the best service imaginable.

Here’s a list of equipment that you must have: 2 prosumer cameras and tripods, 2 wireless mics, 1 camera light, 1 hot light and stand, and 1 wired mic and cable.

Get experience

If you plan on making money out of your photography skills, you have to get experience first and develop a portfolio you can show your future clients. Offer your skills to friends who are getting married.

Don’t offer your photography and videography services for free because it cheapens the product, but offer a reduced rate to your family and friends. Don’t set a bad precedent among your peers by freely making videos for them.

Present yourself well

First impressions last. That is true. From the moment you meet a potential client, your future will be set in stone. He will take a look at you and form his opinions about what kind of photographer and videographer you are.

Present yourself as someone with a well-established business. Make sure that your office is clean and comfortable. If you don’t have an office, offer to meet with your clients in a classy café or visit them in their homes.

Market yourself

The way we market our photography and videography business changed in the past decade. No longer should we invest our money in traditional media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as pay-per-click advertising are very effective marketing and advertising strategies. Try creating a blog, too, and make sure to post regularly to update potential clients about your work.