Anyone knows that the way to be hired for a job is to create the best resume possible. Resumes are the first thing that recruiters see. If they don’t pay attention to your resume, chances are you are not going to be hired. So, what is wrong with your resume? Maybe you need to have a change… maybe you need to try at having a video resume made by Lakeland video production. If you want to be truly noticed by the recruiter, you may have to take your chances at a video resume.


A video resume is unique. When a recruiter sees a video resume in his pile of other CVs, he would want to take a look at it. He would be interested enough to play the resume and give you the time of the day. Trust us, he will remember your name and how you looked like; even what you said about yourself and your background. Getting the attention of the recruiter is the first step. The video resume will help you attain that goal.


Your personality, skills, and talent will not emanate from an ordinary resume. Video resumes feature you talking to the camera and speaking confidently to your recruiter. It may also be a compilation of your previous works or it may be a series of snippets of your skills. Your character and your skills will be evident right from the start. It will be easy for the recruiter to see who you are and what you can do. The decision will be instant, too, especially if you can show all the works you have done in the past.


You have no control over your resumes when you hand them online or in paper form. You cannot show the recruiter your character, your personality, and your skills. He would need to interview you to see and get to know you in person. A video resume will act like your first or your initial interview. You can impress your recruiter using only the video resume. You have more control over how you are going to be perceived. Your video resume will happen in a controlled environment, and you will appear unruffled and confident. This will send a message to the recruiter that you are competent enough for the job.

It is important that someone who knows his way around editing videos will make your video resume. Don’t attempt to do it by yourself if you are not completely adept at shooting and editing videos.