A drone for drone videography has become the gadget for choice for technology enthusiasts, and photographers looking to widen their scope. It has also become popular for parents to purchase a drone for their children. Regardless of the reason, drones have become a very popular shopping item as of recent times.

However, some people make the wrong choice when picking out a drone, and as a result, end up wasting money on something that they can’t use to its full potential. In order to help out any first-time drone buyers, here are some questions that you should ask if you’re in the market for a drone for your drone videography.

What’s your budget?

As with any expensive purchase, one of the very first things to ask yourself when making the decision to purchase is your allocated budget for that item. The great thing about drones is that they can fit a wide variety of budgets, whether you’re looking for a top shelf drone, or a beginner’s drone that you can use to practice with. Determine your budget, and research into the drones that fall within that budget.

What do you need it for?

Understanding what you need the drone for will help you find the right drone for your needs. If you’re looking to shoot drone videography on a professional/commercial level, then you’re going to need a higher end drone.

But if you only want it because you should it would be a great thing to practice around with and shoot some family occasions with, and a low to mid-range drone might be best for you.

Is the camera important?

Well, yes, the camera certainly is important. What you need to look into is how high of a quality do you need out of your drone camera. Commercial use requires a higher quality camera, while casual use can make do with a camera of a lower quality.

What kind of flight time are you looking for?

Drones are notorious for their short flight time. The shortest drone times run for as little as seven minutes on one battery.

The longer ones can run for up to twenty or thirty minutes, but these are the high-end drones, and will end up costing you more. Consider the flight time when choosing a drone for your drone videography needs.

How much use are you going to get out of it?

If you’re going to be shooting drone videography on a professional level, then you’re going to need more accessories such as a drone case and additional batteries and propellers.

Professional drone pilots purchase several of each accessory so that they never fall short during a shoot. If you’re expecting a shorter usage time, then you won’t need as many accessories.