Corporate videos have a bit of a funny reputation is the business world. Ideally, a good corporate video would be a good way to boost your company’s image and showcase your company’s products and services to the public. However, the problem with a lot of older corporate videos is that they tend to come off a bit drab because they all seemed to follow the same, tired format. Nowadays, corporate videos are making a comeback as more and more video production companies are coming up with creative ways to make their corporate videos more engaging and fun for their audiences. One way that they’re doing this is by utilizing drone videography and photography in their corporate videos to add a unique perspective to the video. Here are some ways that you can use drones to enhance your company video.

A 360-degree view of your offices

A great shot that you can use for your company video is by using your drone to take a full 360-degree view of your office. One of the biggest advantages that you will always get with a drone over traditional photography and videography is that fact that you can use a drone to capture a single scene from every perspective.

With drone videography, you can capture your office in its entirety, both the outside and the inside of your offices. In fact, you can take it a step further and film the neighborhood where your offices are based in, as this is a good way of showing potential hires and audiences where your offices are based and what it’s like to work there.

A full shot of your team from the air

Of course, no corporate video would be complete without the full team shot. But with drone videography, why not take it a step further and capture that shot from the air?

It makes for a more interesting effect for your video and gives your video a layer of perspective rather than just taking a regular photo of your company’s employees. This is definitely something that you should practice, but if you get it right, it will definitely pay off.

The dramatic reveal

Who doesn’t love a good dramatic reveal? This is a classic drone videography move that has been done over and over again, and for good reason. The great thing about using drone technology to put together a video is that you don’t have much in terms of limits, except for local drone laws and regulations.

But aside from that, all you really need to do is think outside the box and put together a video that showcases the best of your company and its employees.