As the client of a Lakeland videographer, you might think that your role will be a relatively low-key one. After all, shouldn’t you leave the filming and nuances of video production to the professionals? Your role as a production client is much more than just waiting around for the video to be delivered.

You will help the video production company create the perfect video that meets your specific needs with your output and feedback, which makes your role one of the most important ones in the entire production process. Learn more about how to provide valuable feedback for your Lakeland videographer and their team.

Be honest

When it comes to providing feedback, one of the most important things you can do for the production is, to be honest, and upfront. Remember, as the client, you will be the one who both benefits from the success of the video and will be the most affected if the video is not a success.

If you see something that you don’t particularly agree with, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion of it. Don’t be worried about offending the production team, they’re there to take your feedback and translate it into your video project.

Limit the number of people who can provide feedback

If you’re an entire team that is providing feedback for a project, try to limit the number of people who are allowed to give feedback on the project. If there are too many of you, you may have conflicting opinions on what aspects of the video should be worked on and which ones should stay the same.

By minimizing the number of people who can give feedback, you help maintain the consistency of the feedback, which makes for more coherent communication. Make sure that the people providing the feedback are qualified to make these kinds of decisions for the video project.

Get straight to the point

When you provide feedback to your Lakeland videographer, make sure that your feedback is short, concise, and straight to the point. Do not waste time with long paragraphs discussing things that don’t relate to the core topic at hand. Condense your feedback into points that can easily be digested and discussed easily in order to guarantee a more effective feedback process.

Be involved in the entire process

If you want to help guarantee that the project goes according to your expectations, make sure that you’re involved with the process and maintain steady communication with your Lakeland videographer throughout the entire duration of the video production.