Back in the day, we depend primarily on photos to decide where to go next for vacation. We use maps, books, and stories from frequent travelers to decide whether a place is the right one to visit. But over the years, and with the emergence of social media and Lakeland video production, this has changed into something revolutionary.

Visitors are experience-led. Stop selling the product and instead, sell the experience of visiting a place. Isn’t that what videos are practically screaming?

Travelers and tourists are spending more time watching online videos than ever before. They do this months before they have decided to visit a place. According to YouTube, views of travel-related content are up by more than 120% every year.

The figures are even better depending on the devices from which these videos are being viewed. From smartphones, travel videos are being viewed at least 130% more every year. On tablets, the figure is amazing at close to 250%.

Why wouldn’t videos dominate the travel and tourism industry? There’s nothing else that makes you “experience” the beauty of a place more than videos can. A whopping 67% of viewers are undecided about their travel destination when they first check out travel videos on YouTube.

But by the end of their viewing experience, about 85% of this figure will have decided where to go. The remaining percentage will eventually decide on a destination, too, though they need more time to do research.

This is the reason why tourism agencies and departments are hiring videographers to create stunning Lakeland video production for them that do not only sell the place but the experience, above all. Hotels, resorts, and spas are the primary clients for travel videographers.

They want people to fully immerse themselves in the virtual experience of staying in their establishments; so much so that by the end of watching a promotional video, a potential traveler has already decided to visit the said spa or resort.

Airline companies are next in line. One out of every travel video view is hosted by an airline company. Are they selling cheap airline tickets? Hardly! Airline companies are selling the experience of being serviced by their crew and enjoying their amenities 15,000 feet above the ground.

Those low-priced airline tickets? That kind of promotion is reserved for a single post on social media. More than cheap prices, what customers want is to see what they’re going to get by booking a flight with the company.