Video production content is a valuable asset in your website. Videos represent nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic.

From documentaries to viral videos to memes to movie trailers, videos on the internet are as ubiquitous as a millennial’s selfie. The challenge, however, is to get people to sit through your video and watch. The longer your videos are, the more likely that people will drop off and leave your website.

Your videos are constantly being judged according to its merit, its relevance, its presentation, and its style.


What do your videos contain? Does it contain useful information for web visitors and users? Does it lead them to where they want to go? Does it give them details on products and services that they are looking for?

People are now more inclined to read through a short description of a product to find out if it’s a perfect fit for them. Internet users and buyers are wiser and more practical with their purchases.


How are the videos presented? Are they too formal? Are they casual? Are they fun and quirky and do they represent the products and services you are offering?

Are they speaking the millennial language or the baby boomers’ jargons? Visually, it is critical for your videos to speak to the level of your target market. Forget about what’s trendy and listen to what your market dictates.

Production quality

Are your videos well produced? Did you invest in them? If they are made with low-quality camera resolution, props, and backdrops, your visitors and users will notice it.

Lazy work will not be rewarded. If you don’t invest in your videos, financially, mentally, and physically, your web visitors will feel that and your business will not be rewarded by their purchases.


The style of your videos will do wonders for their success. You should be able to communicate your message in such a way that it won’t be too obvious.

Your videos should be unique and interesting. It should attract viewers to read the information you have provided through the video or the website and make actions to purchase products and services or subscribe to your company’s newsletters.

When making videos for your website, make sure that you will provide the most basic elements that your viewers are looking for—relevant content, targeted presentation, and great production quality. These factors alone will bring success to your website and business.