Not many video producers know that the key to the success of a corporate video is to prepare well for the pre-production phase. Do not just “wing it.” Winging it does not work for the benefit of your video production. Your final product may look unprofessional and sloppy.

But if you are prepared and ready for the shoot, you will be able to focus your efforts on directing your subjects rather than on figuring out last-minute solutions for your problems.

Time is of the essence when shooting a corporate video so don’t waste your time minding the logistics. When the time of the shoot comes, you should focus on the angles, the dialogue, and the message being imparted by the video.

Be original

While it might be easy to copy someone’s ideas, especially ideas that have worked already, this will show that your site is unoriginal. Make sure your creativity reflects through your work by producing unique and interesting pieces.

Conduct keyword research to find out which words are being used to search for information related to your video. You may also have to look into the outputs of other brands and make sure you’re not accidentally copying their angle.

Plan it out

Be thorough in planning the production of the video. That means writing the script, drawing out the storyboard, and creating a shot list before filming. Plan also your fillers so that you have extra footage when the editing phase comes in.

Remember though that writing a video script is vastly different from writing a blog. You need to consider the normal flow of dialogue between people and not be too structured in your words.

Be selective when choosing subjects

Choose your subjects and actors well. Don’t just hire someone who’s willing to stand in front of the camera. Make sure that he can deliver the dialogue naturally and he won’t be stiff in front of the camera. If possible, plan a few days ahead for a little go-through so that he won’t be embarrassed when the real thing begins.

Consider your set

Don’t try to fool your audience by dressing up your office to make it look like a bedroom or a café or something else. Your audience will know and they won’t appreciate you trying to fool them.

Search for an interesting location that will be a great backdrop for your script. Look for textured and interesting backdrops and make sure there are no passersby waving hi to the camera.