Have you ever produced a corporate video for your business? We’re sure you’ve made campaign materials to market your business to your audience. But when it comes to communicating with your new hires and to your current employees, have you used videos to your advantage?

Or have you wasted your time canceling meetings left and right to meet them personally? Not that a face-to-face encounter isn’t good (it’s actually the best kind of communication) but if you can save time through videos, then why not?

Clear out your schedule

You would need a lot of time to shoot a video. Shooting videos take a lot of time, as you well know. You will have to prepare your script, memorize your dialogue, and set up the studio accordingly. This means that you have no control over the amount of time that it will take for you to finish just one shoot.

If you have a meeting that day, it might not be the perfect time to start the shoot. Remember that if you try to quicken things up, you may end up with a sub-standard video and that’s a waste of your precious time.

Plan your video concept

What is your video going to be about? If you are going to introduce your company to a new hire, then you need to do it slowly—introduce who you are, the short history of the company, what your goals are, and how you aim to reach those goals.

You also need to give the new hire a tour of the company, so the shooting of the video would have to be done inside your office. Your new hire will appreciate the time that you spent doing the video and making him feel welcome.

The best thing about making this kind of video is that your company can simply show this to your new employees again and again (as long as the information is still accurate).

Hire a studio and videographer

You may ask an employee who’s good with cameras to do your corporate video but in cases like these, it’s always good to hire a professional videographer who can also edit the video after the shoot. He would be tasked to make sure that the message is clear and that the concept has been carried out.

You may have to spend a little of your budget for this endeavor but remember that this saves you a lot of time in terms of communication with your employees and making sure they feel welcome.